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Status Update - Finished yet?

July 22, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

It was some work, but finally we reached a state, where DNSSEC in minidns is fully usable*.

What happened?

Summarizing everything done as part of the Google Summer of Code so far gives us a pretty long list of features:

  • A full recursive resolver (not only stub resolving)
  • TCP and EDNS(0) usage
  • Support of a total of 9 new record types: DS, RRSIG, DNSKEY, OPT, NSEC, NSEC3(PARAM), TLSANEW, OPENPGPKEYNEW
  • Verification of DNSKEY entries using DS
  • Verification of RSA signatures using RRSIG
  • Verification of negative responses using NSEC and NSEC3NEW
  • RFC compatible output format (like dig)

What is to be done?

Testing. Yes that’s a main thing to do. As announced in this blogs first post, we want our DNSSEC implementation to be fully tested. Until now our test coverage is still less than 60%.

Another feature that is missing in the current implementation of minidns-dnssec, is verification signatures made using DSA or ECDSA keys. Currently this is done by a small number of DNSSEC systems and the feature is marked as optional, none the less it is an interesting feature.

Google Summer of Code is still a month to go, so I am certain these problems can be tackled in time and we can see DNSSEC used in smack and OpenKeychain until then.