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Status Update - Keep calm, the end is near!

August 05, 2015 | 0 Minute Read

Only two weeks left in this year’s Google Summer of Code. This means that we’re reaching the final state. Development should be mostly finished by now and documentation and testing are the main tasks left.

What happened since last report?

  • Support for DSA signatures.
  • Tests. A lot of them. Test coverage is at about 75% now.
  • API stabilitzation and documentation (JavaDocs).
  • Various fixes here and there.

What is to be done?

More testing and full documentation are important for the project completion, as well as the integration in smack and OpenKeychain (which are a task for the last week once everything else is done).

Interesting other features are ECDSA support and DLV (DNSSEC look-aside validation).